Welcome to Sewing Kit Pro!

Sewing Kit Pro is our next step in the evolution of our Sewing Kit applications!

With Sewing Kit Pro, you get all of the iOS app features from the HD app plus our new web application to make sure your information is always available to run your business. With Pro, we move beyond just tracking inventory, we add more detailed projects, customers, suppliers, a shared library, spreadsheet export, calendars and more!

Long time user of Sewing Kit or Sewing Kit HD with lots of data on your device? No problem. Once you sign up as a Pro customer (and the mobile app is released), download the new free Pro app on iOS and using iTunes, copy your data to the Pro app. The next time you run the Pro app, it will upload all of your previous information to your new Pro account!

You may have heard about the "Cloud", but until now no one has put this mysterious "Cloud" to work for people who sew for a living! Sewing Kit Pro changes all of that. We store your information on our servers where they are backed up every night.

If you also use the free Pro app on iOS, a copy of your information is also saved there. If something happens to your device or you delete the app, the next time you log in from the device, your information is re-downloaded from our servers. Your information will be safe and everywhere you need it!

We have several versions of the Pro app available - HD Plus, a 1 time cost of $6.99 (free for upcoming Sewing Kit HD 3.03 users), Pro - Web Only for those who don't need the mobile app, and Pro - Mobile which includes the website and the mobile app. The Pro versions other than HD Plus involve a monthly subscription cost detailed here.

The mobile app is available now in the App Store for free! (You will need a subscription or HD Plus to use the app)