About Vesta Software

Vesta began in 2010 when I decided to learn iPhone progamming and needed a topic for an app. My wife sews and we talked about keeping track of her inventory on an app!

My first app, Sewing Kit, is still alive and well in the iOS app store 4 years later! It is meant to be our starter level application with 4 subject areas - Patterns, Fabrics, People and Projects. The app is still selling every day and runs on iPhones and iPods.

Next came Sewing Kit HD! I wanted to get the app onto the iPad and offer universal access while adding 5 more sections and more features! It's been an exciting ride with HD having added Books, Threads, Notions, Equipment and Inspirations as well as features like bar code scanning and McCall's integrations! Most recently v3.0 of HD was released with a re-build of most of the app!

Now we want to work with the professional (or serious hobbyist) who sew, not only for themselves, but for paying customers!

Sewing Kit Pro is our solution. Web based + universal iOS app for iPhone and iPad. Your information is stored on our secure severs and on your iOS device for times when you have no internet connection. Read more about it here.

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