Books are a critical resource to people who sew. Sewing Kit Pro has a dedicated section for tracking your books. on our mobile app you can scan the bar code and it will look up the book and try to gather an image of the cover as well as important information like Author, Title, and Subject! On the web, you can enter all of that information as well.

When you view your Books section, the books are shown in a list (either an image grid or spreadhseet view). As you add to your inventory, multiple pages will become available. You can search for specific books, sort the list in multiple ways, or filter out only those you own or wish you owned!

Take a look at the screenshot for more details.

Books List Screenshot

When you add a new book, or click on it's thumbnail image to edit it, you come to the Book Details page.

On this page, you will see 2 sets of tabs - one for the main information about the book and the other for additional information, such as photos and help on how to use the page.

In the first set of tabs you can enter all of the general information and create detailed notes for the book.

Take a look at the screenshot for more details.

Book Details Screenshot