The Library

The Shared Patterns Library ("The Library") is a place where you can look for patterns others have shared to get copies of images and sizes of unique patterns, or those out of print, or maybe just ones others want to share. You can share any pattern you want with the library by clicking a checkbox on the Pattern Detail screen.

When you share a pattern, its images and size information become available for others to copy into their stash. If you have photos of an envelope from a hard to find pattern and are willing to share, click the checkbox and save the pattern. That's all there is to it!

When in The Library, a list of shared patterns will appear on the left of the screen, grouped by Company, Number and Size. Click on one and all of the shared copied will appear on the right. You can then click on any of these to see the images. If one looks like you'd like to copy it, click on a button and you will get a new pattern in your stash with that Company, Number, Size and photos!

Don't see a pattern in the library you were looking for? There is a section on the bottom of the screen to create a "Sharing Request". Fill in the details of the pattern you are looking for and everyone who accepts sharing requests will get a message in their "Messages" screen asking for that pattern to be shared! You can turn on/off the receipt of sharing messages in your "My Account" screen.

Take a look at the screenshot for more details.

Library Screenshot