Patterns are the root of the system. You can track 20+ things about each pattern you enter, including: company name, pattern number, major category, sub-categories, difficulty, the store you bought it from, which supplier you used, which sub-part of the pattern this is, where you store it, detailed notes, which projects it is used in, photos - both official and ones you take, and many more!

As with our Sewing Kit line of iOS apps, any patterns you enter from Simplicity, McCall's, Butterick, Vogue or Kwik Sew will trigger the system to go to that manufacturer's web site and grab copies of their official photos of the envelope, the back of the envelope and any drawings for the pattern. All of these official images remain copyright of their manufacturer.

With Sewing Kit Pro, all of your patterns and their data are safely stored on our servers which are backed up each night. As you enter the data, it is also copied to any iOS devices you have logged into the system with using our Sewing Kit Pro Mobile app (if you subscribed to a version that includes mobile access). This way your patterns are always ready when you need them - even if you have no internet signal! (you must have a signal to download the info to the device - not to view it).

Patterns, like each of the sections of the system, are shown in a list (either an image grid or spreadhseet view). As you add to your inventory, multiple pages will become available. You can search for specific patterns, sort the list in multiple ways, or filter out only those you own or wish you owned!

Take a look at the screenshot for more details.

Patterns List Screenshot

When you add a new pattern, or click on it's thumbnail image to edit it, you come to the Pattern Details page.

On this page, you will see 2 sets of tabs - one for the main information about the pattern and the other for additional information, such as photos, yardage information, and projects the pattern is used in.

In the first set of tabs you can enter all of the general information, create detailed notes, and attach multiple categories, fabrics, notions and more to this pattern.

Take a look at the screenshot for more details.

Pattern Details Screenshot